My DreamTeam


This har been an amazing journey, and would never have happened without you believers out there.

A special thanks to Trond Nielsen and Sindre Matre for giving me the honor of singing your song, and thanks for believing, supporting and cheering all the way from the first tone to the final touch.

Trond: the man who knows about everything. Thank you for everything you do in order for me to do what I love the most: perform.

Sindre: My guitar hero and artist coach! Thank you for being there, and for guiding me through this production.

NM production, being a part of your team, makes me proud and humble. Thanks for believing in me, and for giving me the opportunity to grow. I`ve learned a lot, and I will never be sorry.

Woodsounds Recordings; Morten and Jon, working with you in studio was amazing. Your musical competence and friendly guiding made it easy to be me. And thank you for producing and putting the song out there, I love the final result and how it sounds.

Eivind Staxrud, Rock Star! Thank you big time for putting your guitar passion into the song. It wouldn`t be the same without it.

Tovita; thank you for giving the cover the final edge and glam it needed.

…And a special thanks to my beloved dad for beliving in me .
I know you loved this song and I know the Angels will sing for you in Heaven.
Miss you like crazy


Gone For A While

MIAM: Vocals & Backing Vocals
Sindre Matre: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals
Eivind Staxrud: Electric Guitar & Lead Guitar
Jon Grimsby: Drums
Morten Nordskaug: Bass

Music: Sindre Matre
Lyrics: Trond E. Nielsen
Recorded at Mo’s Garage
Engineered by Morten Nordskaug
Produced by Morten Nordskaug
Mastered By Morten Nordskaug at Mo’s Grarage

Cover: Trond E. Nielsen with a magic touch from Tovita Razzi
Photo: Trond E. Nielsen

Genre: Rock